Summer of Color weeks 2, 3 and 5

For the Summer of Color 3 (see sidebar badge) I decided to do 5 inch by 5 inch fabric collages. I posted my week 4 collage(pink and charcoal grey) earlier and you can see it here:

I have now done the current week 5(candy apple red and yellow) as well as week 2(hot pink and orange) and week 3(lime green and purple).

I learned alot from doing these collages, especially from looking at the thread used to sew on the fabric pieces. I was surprised at how well my purple thread went with all the different shades of purple fabric(ranging from red-violet through to blue violet) and I was also surprised at how different my pink thread looked on the orange fabrics- in some it blended in perfectly, and not at all in others. There is such a range in the purples and I love that- I went through my stash and pulled out everything that I thought was purple and was very surprised by how many differences there were. Not really so much differences in the reds or oranges. So a fun colour study.

I think my favorite is still the first one I did for pink and charcoal grey, but the lime green and  purple one is not far behind.

So week 5: candy apple red and yellow:

candy apple red and yellow

Week 3 lime green and purple:

lime green and purple

And lastly: week 2 hot pink and orange:

hot pink and orangeI still have to try week 1(citron green and turquoise), and looking forward to week 6 as of yet unknown colour pairing.

Yeah…this is my 100th blog post. A long way since my first test post back on June 9  in 2010…..

8 thoughts on “Summer of Color weeks 2, 3 and 5

  1. These are wonderful. I love your idea of doing the same type of piece for each colour combination. As Miriam said, they’ll look great hanging up together!
    I think my favourite is the hot pink and orange. Which is unusual for me, since I don’t usually like those colours!


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