Craft Weekend at the cottage with Gelli Printing and More

A 3 day crafting/shopping/chores weekend at the cottage. My mom and sister(plus Arlo) picked me up at about 10 am Friday and off we went. Following the traditional stop at the A and W  in Steinbach for lunch, we arrived around 1 pm. As usual, I spotted a couple of Sand Cranes but too late for my mom to see them.

First up was unpacking and then the major chore…..installing some granite tiles for the fireplace stove. My sister Sally led the way and I played assistant. Since it was the first time either of us had done this, I think we did a pretty good job. This shows the step after the tiles have been “glued” down. Note the nice straight lines and near perfect intersections!! The bottom left tile unfortunately came broken in the box, but we laid it down for the photo…. Sally grouted it on Sunday, and now it is ready for the stove re-installation.

granite tiles

That evening we had great conversations about our family history, and my mom went over the backgrounds for 3 of our grandparents and their families etc. I managed to record it on paper as family trees so that was useful! (I started investigating it further since arriving home, and wow, is it ever complicated..)

On Saturday afternoon, after an excursion to Warroad and Roseau for some shopping(there is a great second-hand clothing store in Roseau), we played with our gelli-plates. My mother had used hers once before, but it was completely new to my sister. We had a blast, and as can be seen in the photos, we started off on one end of the table, but quickly took over the end with the 500 piece puzzle we had started earlier. The middle photo is also item #21 for my photo scavenger hunt…me and my gelli-plate..gelli printing at the lake me and gelli plate s and s gelli printing

Here is one of Sally’s, that I really like, a subtle landscape:

sally's treesAnd here is a collage of some of mine on paper:
july  at cottage collage

I didn’t get a close-up of any of my mom’s unfortunately- she was playing with both paper and fabric. We were all pleased with most of our pieces. My sister is planning to make birthday cards out of 2 of hers. Me…still not sure what to do with mine except add them to the growing pile. For now….

We had lots of fun playing with my nephew’s(and his wife’s) dog Arlo, who got into mischief of course,  but loved running around the beach cliff area:


arlo on beach-2

And needless to say, I had to take a picture of some deer, which Arlo chased away soon after this shot!

deer hdr

Usually there are beautiful sunsets, but not this year…still a  nice view towards the west:view

And lastly, once the sun came out for a brief visit on Sunday, we managed to get in a little bit of sunprinting done, before packing up for the road home.

My sunprints were not very successful:

sunprint 1 for blog sunprint 2 for blog

On the pink sunprint, I had used some of the same leaves I used as masks for gelli printing, so some of the paint peeled off the leaves onto the fabric- not sure if the paint will be permanent or not, but I kinda like the effect on the leaf edges. The bottom grey print is quite yucky, except for the holey leaf- I love that! I also like the effect of the leafy weed on the bottom half but unfortunately I only picked that 1 leaf…will have to try to track down more of it. I should be able to use both of them though for mini-wallets…a bit of free-motion stitching should greatly improve them. I have generally found that yellow doesn’t work well for sunprinting and don’t know why I keep using it- especially this  heavy body acrylic brand which doesn’t mix well at all.

A quick clean-up of the cabin and then we were off! On the road home,  I spotted 2 Sand Cranes, my sister noted a smaller one at the same spot(maybe a young bird), and my mother finally saw them. Big birds…look like emus from a distance. Quite a shock to see them in the middle of a field- they look really foreign.

Biggest improvement this weekend: Arlo. He is known for his very active intestinal gas(as are alot of boston terriers)—we had to open the windows in our air-conditioned car about 2 dozen times on the way to the cottage. Luckily my sister adjusted his diet while we were at the cottage and it was clear sailing home. What a relief for all of us!

A wonderfully relaxing, but at the same time tiring 3 days…this has been the 3rd year in a row that the 3 of us have had a crafting weekend at the lake. Hopefully, many more to come.

6 thoughts on “Craft Weekend at the cottage with Gelli Printing and More

  1. What a FUN crafting weekend – wish I could do same with my family, but they’re all on the opposite coast! I’ve been enjoying your blog, Marsha, and am soooooo ready to try Gelli printing!


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