Summer of Color Weeks 3 and 4

I joined a challenge a few weeks late, called The Summer of Color 2013. Check it out here:

Each week, participants vote for the color combination to work with for the next week. For week 3 it was purple and lime green, so I used my wild iris photo here:

purple and green

Not really lime green….but close enough I figured.

Week 4 was pale pink and charcoal grey so I raided my fabric stash to make this little  5″ by 5″ collage:

pink and grey week 4

My inspiration for this collage was for a pincushion from but since I use a magnetic pin cushion, I didn’t think I would ever make this(though it is so cute as a pincushion). You can get the pincushion tutorial here:

It was so much fun doing this collage that I am going to go back and do weeks 1(citron green and turquoise) and 2(orange and hot pink). It will be interesting to see if I can find these colours.  Maybe I will have to do some gelli-printing on fabric!!! Plus I want to redo week 3(purple and lime green). Not sure what I will do with them, nor am I sure if they will all be rectangles….maybe circles, spirals…….we shall see.

Actually a gelli print of mine that I did awhile ago could fit week 2, although it is a very different format from the fabric collage. I was playing with a mask of Stewie, and I should go back and work on this print some more:

abstract colour scheme-hot pink and orange


9 thoughts on “Summer of Color Weeks 3 and 4

  1. I really love your collage. Fabric is my first love and I could happily make these quilts and collages all day long. I hope you are able to post the other colours if you do them.


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