Photo Scavenger Hunt item #5-Sunset

Sunset from the north perimeter of Winnipeg.sunset

We were driving home last night, going east. I was tracking the sunset all the way home, in my side view mirror. I knew that just before we got home, we would make a turn to go south, and I was hoping the timing would be good to get the photo. Luckily for me it was!!


6 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt item #5-Sunset

  1. That’s a very pretty sunset. A question for you: How do people get to know about your blog? Do you have to invite them? I don’t believe that anyone can view it can they? I finished all my blogs- 7 days.i found the system very inflexible. I wouldn’t use it again. What craft stuff are you taking to the lake? Are you still go for the art gallery on Wednesday morning? Love, MOM

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    • yup…still a go for the art gallery…and I am going again the next week with my friend, and maybe again with George.
      Not sure what craft stuff I am taking…gelli plate and sunprinting stuff for sure. Maybe sewing machine…but we won’t have that much time…..
      Re the just slowly develops over time, unless you tell people about it. Or you start reading and commenting on blogs like yours, ie related to Tiree. And join groups online about Tiree, and post links to your blog.
      Anyone can view it if they find it(unless you mark it private and invite people to read it)


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