Birthday Card with a Gelli print plus Some Baby Ducks

I knew I wanted to make my mother a birthday card using my gelli plate, but not sure of what.

We are both sheep fans, but my husband suggested a goat…so I  google searched for an image of a goat that I could use for inspiration. I found a lovely goat, and attempted to keep the mask looking like a goat…..Unfortunately I can’t find the original image/photo on the web to link back to though it might have had something to do with goat hunting, so in reality I would rather not!! Poor goats….

I made a mask from the goat, and then tried assorted backgrounds on watercolour paper. I knew I wanted to combine some stitching  with the gelli printing so i thought that attaching the gelli print to a notecard would be the way to go.

The result after making the monoprint and doing some  free motion stitching, then attaching it to the card  by zigzag stitch is shown here:

goat card001For the quilting I did some pebbles to make the base look more “rocky” and I outlined the goat with some free-motion stitching. It was tough on my sewing machine!!!

My husband liked it at this stage, but I thought there was just too much white. So out came the gelli plate again!!

I remembered a post where someone had done some gelli-printing with leaves, and then used a fish mask and I loved that:

But, since the goat was already attached to the card I had to do the reverse…so I used painter’s tape and completely covered everything but the goat. Then I added some paint and leave masks to the gelli plate and crossed my fingers. I did this twice since I wanted a bit of a layered effect.

So, this was the final card:

goat card-coloured001I was moderately happy with it…although the leaf placement could have been better(but I am not good at estimating how things will look upside down/backwards!!), like a bit of white on the face….

My mother loved the card…so mission accomplished…even though she decided it looks more like a bison…so bison it is. Hubby on the other hand liked the original white goat card better.

And now the bonus…I was walking Stewie in Bunn’s Creek Park and I had taken my camera since I wanted to get a photo of what I believe must be “wild” irises. I had found some seed pods last year and a couple of days ago, I came across the plant again:irisesAnd then as luck would have it, 15 minutes later we came across the ducks. They had just finished their swim and had landed:


And as a bonus, I managed to film(very shaky however) the mom and baby ducks as they were drying off their feathers. I uploaded it to Flickr, and it can be seen here:

A slightly stabilized version of this video can also be found on YouTube:


6 thoughts on “Birthday Card with a Gelli print plus Some Baby Ducks

    • Thanks. I love ducklings….I spotted some wood ducklings the next day but I didn’t have my camera….so I am on the hunt to find them again. That is absolutely the last time I leave my house without a camera, no matter where i am going.


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