Photography Scavenger Hunt

I came across this blog post by accident while cruising various blogs and/or Pinterest boards. It is linked through my facebook post so hopefully it is accessible to all:

Needless to say, I was intrigued so I decided to enter it. There are 21 items to “catch” on film plus a few bonus items. I already have 5 of them, thanks to a visit to the zoo on June  3rd plus a walk in Bunn’s Creek Park with Stewie today.

I posted them on my Flickr page(see link in sidebar) and so I am  just going to show 1 of them here. They are all in a set labelled: scavenger hunt. Check the web for other posts with the tag:  #summertimescavengerhunt .

This is for item #7 in the scavenger hunt:

number 7_detailI have 16 more to go.

So far, I know I have to go to The Forks, The Exchange District plus the University of Manitoba to get some of the remaining  items on the list.


6 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt

  1. Aren’t those “Kanga-Rules” hilarious? I took a picture of them, too! And how perfect for the Scavenger Hunt.

    I saw Miriam’s comment above – and yes, I think I might be the connection! I’m enjoying watching you both do the hunt. (In fact, I was thinking of you both the other day as I watched planes flying overhead and saw people fishing along Sturgeon Creek!)


  2. Hello, I came across you only a couple of days ago by a route now forgotten! I love your gelli printing, have just bought a plate and am visiting you for inspiration. I am doing the Scavenger Hunt with Rinda too. This sign is wonderful!!


    • Hello again…I think our connection might have been through Prairie Jill’s website…this scavenger hunt will be lots of fun. I know it will take me to all ends of my city. Have fun with your gelli plate…..I will check your website for results.


    • Thanks very much- I loved the sign immediately. I will try tagging my photos and blog post with the tag you suggested. This scavenger hunt is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photos.


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