Gelli printing and Kaleidoscope, A Blue Owl and Overland Flooding

Still loving Carolyn Dube’s Gelli workshop. We are only on week 2, and there are 3 weeks left to go. And I have learnt tons.

For one project I made a  paper mask out of a photo of George and Casper(our previous Australian Shepherd). I used a multi-layered print that I had issues with, applied black paint to Gelli plate,  added the mask and then pulled the print. I want to make this into a permanent mask, but will have to modify George’s head and left arm and modify the dog’s legs(not sure to try to add a fourth leg, or just have 2 legs). This was George and Casper’s last walk at Victoria Beach in 2011.

George and Casper gelli

For another project I used multiple layers of ghost prints and multiple layers of different stencils, using a variety of pastel acrylic colours. It lacks good composition in particular lacking a focal point, but I find it interesting anyways.

1000 width

I then thought about how I could use this as a pattern for fabric, so I wondered how it would look as a kaleidoscope. So I found a free online software photo-editing program    and tried various areas of the gelli print to use as the center focal point. I liked this one:

kaleidoscope multi print gelli print

I used this 6 pointed star and then uploaded it to and wow!!!!this works perfectly for a repeat pattern, no fiddling required. If you are interested you can take a peek at a possible fabric:

Can’t wait to see what we do in the coming weeks.

As per our usual Saturday routine, we went across town to the  McNally Robinson Bookstore and I found a great book called “Handprint and make your own Bags” by Jenny McCabe. It goes into stamping, stenciling, photo transfer, lino cuts etc and includes lots of very nice bag patterns. I know what I will be doing for the next while!

While we were at the bookstore there was a posting about a book launch  The Complete Book of North American Owls and they were going to bring in Nemo, a  Blue Owl for the presentation. I have never seen an owl up close. Unfortunately it was for later in the day. But as fate would have it, we have to go back to the mall to return something, so we can go to the book launch and see the owl. Yeah!!! And double yeah!!! since I am now retired from my job which required a 5 day avoidance of birds etc after being in the lab, I don’t have to worry about that.

And lastly, George and I have been super-stressed about possible overland flooding of our house. Our storm sewer was completely frozen, and water was beginning to back up. But with some help from neighbours(who would also be affected by the flooding) and moral support and advice from my friend Tim, it looks like we have got the drain open and flowing. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it doesn’t re-freeze over. Since we are expecting more snow tomorrow, we are now a little bit more relieved than if the drain was still frozen. It is still supposed to get cold at night(like -5 to -10 degrees), but if water is flowing it should keep everything clear.

correction: Nemo is a long eared owl…don’t know where on earth I thought I read Blue Owl!!!!

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