Busy Bee- quilting, gelli monoprinting and Stewie

I have been quite busy this past week. Still waiting for the snow to melt, and keeping fingers crossed that our backyard doesn’t flood, and hoping also that Manitoba doesn’t have to deal with flood situations like 2011 or even 1997. The sun is almost getting high enough that I can think about sun printing, but not quite there yet.

George had been at home for most of last week since we were “responsible” pet-owners and got our little Stewie neutered last week. The poor little guy was hysterical for about 2 hours after we put on his “cone”, but  he eventually realized that resistance was futile. His surgery scar is healing nicely and he will only need the cone on for about 2 days more(7 days total). This photo shows that he doesn’t really mind it:

goofSo while Stewie was recovering, and George was around to supervise the recovery I got some quilt stuff done.

Major progress on my mom’s quilt- 2.5 years later! My sister and I had decided to arrange the photos in collage blocks when we got a chance to work together last November. This past week I actually managed to arrange all 83 photos into blocks and sent them off to be printed at http://www.Spoonflower.com. A test print that I made showed that the colours were as good or better than I could produce with my computer printer, and I didn’t have to worry about making the computer screen image match the actual printout. So, these will make up the quilt:

all 9 on one yard for FBThere are 5 generations(maybe 6?) in this arrangement. I decided not to fuss, and just randomly selected for each block 1-2 black and whites, 1-2 new photos from my side of the family, 1 old photo from my side of the family, 1-2 photos from my mom’s friends, 1 photo from family relatives and 1-2 photos from the family of my mom’s husband. And I think that process worked fine. My sisters and I will still put the quilt together in the attic windows style, but now since there are only 9 blocks, instead of the original 64 plus blocks, it should be really easy(famous last words!)

Mostly, I have been playing with my Gelli Arts plate for monoprinting (http://www.gelliarts.com). I signed up for Carolyn Dube’s online workshop and it has been great so far. I had done a couple of other less intensive workshops and watched quite a few YouTube videos, but this class has been most helpful. More info on the course here: http://www.carolyndubeartworkshops.com

I played with different paints and tried paper and fabrics. Some prints quite successful, others less so, but I am learning alot.

These are the first 8 prints on paper, using a variety of old tubes of acrylic paints that I have had for a few years:

DSC_0988I played with a few stamps with this(especially my favorite Day-of-The-Dead Dog stamp) and a nice spiral one- the object of this exercise was to apply 2-3 colours to the plate and then transfer paint back and forth using the stamps. Then to do a monoprint and then a ghost print(second pull). It is very addicting and the results are so unpredictable. Nothing is ever perfect and that adds to the interest….

This is my favorite one so far. It used intense colours, and pulled off some dried paint from the plate, and then I applied another layer to tone down the very intense dark green on the right. I used a Japanese gyotaku fish stamp, but only the main fin really stamped, but it gave interesting patterns:


I decided to try fabric next, but without much success. The textile paints I have are yucky colours without much depth. But I did realize that there was alot of paint dried onto the plate, so I applied a thin layer of white paint to the plate, and did a monoprint onto paper. This fabulous print(fabulous in my eyes!!!) was the result:

gelli-fabric ghostI just love the subtle colours and also that the texture from the cloth was captured and transferred to the paper too.

Not sure what I will do with the prints yet although I could also get these printed on fabric by Spoonflower too. However, there are 4 more weeks of lessons, so I am sure I will learn lots of new techniques and ways to use these prints. I will post more prints as the course continues.

Next week will include a Jets game(Go Jets Go) because I entered a draw for 2 tickets and actually won! But if Stewie is acting up, or not doing great then I will send George and a friend to see it, and I will take care of the little guy….Also some baking for the Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue fundraiser.

And people actually thought I would be bored if I retired. HAH!!!!!

Please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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