Texture Idea for a mini landscape quilt

I am taking a 6 week class on http://www.Joggles.com with Jane LaFazio. The first lesson is a mini landscape quilt(about 5*7 inches). I made one dorky one(to me anyways!), and have started another. I wanted to try to add some texture to the quilt, so I thought, why not try “Texture Magic”.  I found a great source of info on this product: http://byanniecom.blogspot.ca/2012/10/add-texture-to-your-art-quilt-projects.html

This is the little quilt I would like to add texture to, especially the craggy mountains in the back.

desert mountains-1

I also tried a technique demoed in Quilting Arts TV episode 808 where you use fusible web  and fold and press texture into the fabric- this worked okay, and might look good with some additional hand stitching.

I will probably try both techniques, if I can find the texture magic that I bought last summer…

A few hours later:

So, I found my texture magic, and after watching a view videos from the website:  http://www.byannie.com  I tried it.

I made a compilation photo comparing the 3 techniques. The top panel is straight fabric, the middle panel is fabric with fusible web ironed to create pleats and the bottom panel is with the texture magic. Of course when doing the texture magic I used the reverse threads intended for top and bobbin(I wanted a grey thread for the top, but since I sewed it texture magic up, my greenish bobbin thread showed up on the fabric)……but I can always make another small piece.

3 choices for mountain ridge

I think I really like the texture created by the texture magic.  But just as a small highlight in the landscape. The rest of the textures I will create with thread I hope.

It was really cool watching the texture magic “shrink” the fabric. To explain this process I am posting a photo of the “in-between” stage, with a triangle grid stitching. I did it pretty free-form since I wasn’t really sure what would be the best shape of stitching to do:

triangle gridThis is what it looks like after steaming, from the fabric side:

after stitching

I am definitely going to try this again. Not sure on what….but maybe a zippered pouch!

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