Post-Christmas post

An interesting past month- quite a bit of time for arts and crafts,  and quite a bit of time for thinking. I knew it was going to be a hard Christmas since it was last Christmas that we realized that our little Casper was not quite right. And even harder to realize that it has almost been a year since he died. The addition of Stewie has really helped, but he is sure not Casper- but an interesting dog none-the-less. So having Stewie, watching him open his presents and play with them, made Christmas enjoyable in spite of the memories.

stewie christmas birthday

I managed to make quite a few little wallets out of fabric made this past summer- all are now gone as gifts, except 1 blue sunprint that I kept for myself!! They were made out of regular sunprint fabric which was quilted, or out of sunprinted fabric pre-printed with a Gelli Arts printing plate which was then over-printed with a flower thermofax-screen and quilted before assembly.  To make the wallets I used a couple of different tutorials from the web which I modified/combined and came up with assorted sizes and designs. The thermofax screen was from Lynn Krawczyk (  The main tutorials for the purses were:


2.  and


This a group picture:

assorted wallets

The large one on the bottom right was made based on the Craftsy class(the class is free!!)- all I did was modify the size to make the fabric usable. The base fabric was a “failed” sunprint (ie really ugly) that I used to practice the flower thermofax on.  But it made a nice zipper pouch in the end(my mom has it now).

There are 4 little purses in the mix made from sunprinted Gelli prints, and the remaining 6 purses were from pure sunprints.

Working with the gelli arts plate is lots of fun. I had published a brief post awhile ago( Since the thermofax screen overpowered the backgrounds, I added some  simple outline stitching which I hope re-emphasized the background sunprint:

monoprint fabric with stitching

I can’t wait to do more gel printing……But first 1 more Christmas present to finish sewing, and cookies to bake for my sister and brother.

George bought me 5 classes over at for my Christmas present so I will be real busy the next while. Classes include art quilting, fabric patterning with wax resist and artisan bread-making. Nice!!

Best of 2013 to everyone.

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