Jumpstart Creativity Tour eCourse: A Walk with Stewie

An online class to jumpstart creativity that I heard about through a posting on Facebook:


This is week 2 and is this my X pocket book- a collection of photos of sidewalk cracks. This all started because of Carla Sonheim and her love of sidewalk cracks:

Now I see weird and wonderful creatures in all sorts of “cracks”- it is addicting. Thanks Carla!

I used some of my hand marbled paper and made miniature versions of photos of the sidewalk crack for each pocket. Now when the sidewalks are covered in snow for the winter I will have inspiration for creating something. Already I see many different creatures in these “cracks”. It should be fun to do.

2 views of the book are shown below, followed by a collage of the sidewalk cracks. Some cropping occurred during the collage making process, but the gist of the “crack” is there.

Poor Stewie(my Australian Shepherd puppy) was really confused since I was taking these photos on a walk with him and he had to sit and wait for me constantly!

Please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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