Sunprinting with a Twist: Gelli style

Taking advantage of George and Stewie gone for a walk on this very warm and sunny late September day in Winnipeg. I thought I should do some sunprinting before the snow comes, and then I thought, why not make the background from a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.

I bought the gelli plate from:

A few things to figure out- like  the amount/type of paint to use, keeping the paint moist, how to keep the sunprints leaves etc on the fabric….but through trial and error I figured out a few things. But a cork board that I could pin the fabric and objects to would have helped alot.

For 4 of the pieces I put wet fabric onto the prepared gelli plate but I also wanted to try using dry fabric with the leaves as a mask. The wet method was great- I just had to keep the fabric really wet to allow the sunprinting process. However, I didn’t like my first dry print- the white prints of the leaves were too prominent and boring, so I pulled the leaves off the plate and then replaced the fabric onto the plate to try to get a re-print of the leaves. And it sort-of worked in that I got the veins and details of the leaves nicely. Overall I am pleased with both techniques, but I think the wet application gives a look more like a sunprint than does the dry application.

And wow, so many people have blogged about how addictive the Gelli plate is, and I can certainly agree. I only stopped because the sun disappeared behind the trees.

The 4 wet technique pieces are shown below:

I really like the added touch of the texture from the monoprinting on the plate. And when I add some stitching and make the fabric into something, it should look really nice(I hope).

This is the dry process detail:

The detail in the dry print is clearer than the wet print so that is good, but I realized I used the wrong type of stamp(the stamp that looks like a domino)- I don’t like the edges of the stamp showing…but next time I will choose better. However, the effect of the double-print of the leaves is nice. I could even put the leaves on with different colours to provide some contrast the next time. Too cool!!!

Now waiting for the major decision: out for supper to Bonfire Bistro for George’s birthday, or dinner at home(a new recipe for Chicken Kiev which uses batter instead of breading!) and the Blue Bomber game. The birthday boy can decide!!

6 thoughts on “Sunprinting with a Twist: Gelli style

  1. Hi Marsha – I followed you here from Flickr……..and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve posted here on your blog!! I love these prints you made, and can’t wait to give Gelli prints a try one of these days (soon, I hope)!!


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