yeah for Quilter’s Sale

Through a very indirect and complicated link I found out about what I thought was a church sale where a Manitoba quilt artist was going to be selling off 10 boxes of fabric at garage sale prices. But, it actually turned out it was a group of quilters who were trying to de-stash. So paydirt! But too bad in that if I had known about it, I could have sold some of my stash too(yeah right, as if I would part with anything!)..

George was waiting in the car so I didn’t have much time, but I did manage to find some gorgeous fabrics, both quilting cottons and home decor-type fabric. And I managed to buy my sister her birthday present because one of the ladies was selling her monoprinted fabric “purses” there too. I only regret I didn’t buy a few more of them- they were stunning!

I bought all the fabric for a very reasonable sum of money, so I am very happy.

The stuff I bought is here:

Quite an interesting variety. Now I should be well prepared for Melanie Testa’s boro class when it starts(soon I hope)…

Now to go do some useful, like pick up a million branches in the backyard. I think Stewie will help too, by trying to pull out all the “good” branches from the bottom of the stack, to chew on!!


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