Where have 6 weeks gone? Work, Stewie, a few art classes and wasps

Wow- it is 6 weeks since my last blog post!  It is mainly work and Stewie as usual(which somehow take up at least 14 hours a day). After work, Stewie and I have started taking long walks along the ex-railway line that has been converted into a walking path which eventually leads near Bunn’s Creek Park.

In spite of everything, I did manage to squish in a lovely 5 day on-line workshop with Carla Sonheim and a longer class with Melanie Testa(but did not get much done for that class).

Carla’s class was about watercolour transfer and as usual it was alot of fun. The technique is strictly her invention, and one of the pieces that I made during the workshop is  below:

Not sure what I will do with her yet……it is a collage on paper.

Melanie’s class was based on her “Dream Journals” book. It was all about watercolour, composition and drawing. Not my strong points(do I have any??)…..so I decided to go way back and start with drawing so I bought a book from the 1970’s and started working on the first chapter, perspective.

I still have issues drawing straight lines and drawing everything properly but at least I now know a few important things to consider when looking at objects and trying to draw them. This mini-sketchbook page has 3 drawings of a box viewed from slightly different eye levels:

Everything else has been work or Stewie- one adventure after another with him. Wasp stings, eye infections(vet visits) and gobbling everything in sight, but he is definitely becoming a good dog. We have taken him to a couple of car-related events so he could meet lots of people(and dogs) and everyone loves him. Who could resist this?

Right now he is waiting patiently at the back door while George sprays a wasp nest I found under a pile of sticks. Luckily no stings yet for anyone, unlike when Stewie himself uncovered a wasp nest(the poor little guy was stung a few times). Why all of a sudden do we have these underground wasp nests?? We have never had any like this before(usually they are in bushes, or trees or under the eaves)…..


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