Stencil Magic Class, Stitched 2012, “Studio” Re-organization and Stewie

I have just finished Melanie Testa’s Stencil Magic on-line class.  As usual, I learnt a lot but haven’t had much chance to apply the skills from the class, but at least I am now multi-purposing one of the stencils I created.

In my last post I showed a piece of work with my goose stencil, but since then I decided I wanted to make some silkscreens with the goose image. So I made 2 ink-jet prints, 1 at full size, and 1 at about 60% size  and then had them printed onto  transparency sheets at Staples(with their toner-based copier).

Since it was bright and sunny today, I made the silkscreen following PhotoEZ instructions(very simple). I wanted to get full value of the silkscreen so I also made a transparency with a royalty-free image of a very grumpy bird that I found on the web. I put all 3 transparencies onto the screen and this is the result:

I will cut the screen into 3 mini-screens and duct-tape the edges to use them. So now I have 2 sizes of my goose, without having to re-cut another stencil.

I also made a silkscreen from a pressed stem and leaves of a Virginia Creeper vine:I made the Virginia Creeper stencil because of another class I am in. I have been taking a series of workshops at Stitched 2012( and the one I am working on now is Deb Boschert’s collage class.  I have finally decided on a focus fabric and the following photo shows the very first layer of the collage, with a few extra fabrics and embellishments I am playing with(I don’t think I like the small collection of fabrics on the bottom edge). Nothing has actually been sewn or fused down yet, and I have since modified the blue batik  fabric with some stamping and stenciling in purples and yellow to tie it closer to the “focus fabric” in the upper left corner. The dark blue strip on the right is some sunprint fabric. And the little bird button is from the quilt shop in Gimli where I found the fabrics for the collage.

I am thinking that the Virginia Creeper vine stencil would work well as the final layer over the blue fabric…..there are still lots of layers to go in this collage(more fabrics, quilting, embellishments, hand stitching, stenciling) so it will be interesting to see if I can make this collage work. I have a very hard time visualizing what things will look like in the end…and getting frustrated by seeing the work “in progress” and not knowing what to do next. Hopefully more experience with collaging will help.

I am also in the process of reorganizing my “studio”- hah…spare bedroom is the more appropriate word….. It is so hard to keep all my fabrics, sewing supplies, mixed media supplies, art supplies and everything all in any sort of order. I finally started a system to keep stencils and silkscreens so that I can find them and so they won’t get damaged- just a simple 3 ring binder with page protectors does the trick(thanks to Melanie for that tip)!

Once I organized my stuff, I thought it was time to finally hang up some work that I did in Phoenix last August- 4 small blue collaged tiles that I made in Chris Cozen’s class. I was also lucky enough to get 2 of her tiles(the green ones), so I hung them up too. My semi-organized mess is clearly seen in the photo:

Now that my workspace is semi-organized I may be able to play with the silkscreens tomorrow and work on the collage piece too. But if it is sunny we will hit the beach!

And of course there is Stewie, who is growing up so fast. He is quite a character, very playful as is obvious here:

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