Goose Stencil Fun

I managed to grab a bit of time here and there to work on my hand-cut goose stencil(from Melanie Testa’s Clever Guild class: ) deciding that the best way to do so is to do some handwork while spending time with Stewie.

Therefore I created a migratory map/stencil piece on fabric just to try a few different techniques. I posted it on Flickr( with a long explanation) so you can see it here:

and read about it here: My main concern is to whiten up the goose body…..

I think the migratory map original image was from the NOAA…so I am just borrowing it for practice only. The map had dotted lines on it for pathways so I am going to embroider over them- this is the handwork I can do while keeping an eye on Stewie

I also posted a couple of attempts with the stencil on 2 different fabrics. It takes abit of practice to figure out the best amount /thickness of fabric paint to use, but slowly I am working it out.

2 thoughts on “Goose Stencil Fun

  1. Hi! Love what I’ve seen of your art! Just curious as to whether or not you are willing to sell any? My boyfriend loves geese and I would love to get him a gift like this! Please let me know!


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