Stones, Stencils and Stewie

I came across Jude Hill’s post and decided to make a couple of small stones for her Magic Feather project:

They are 2 needle-turned hand-appliqued stones: one of cotton batik that looks stone-like to me and another of linen with a few musical notes on it. I hope they fit into her project, and she is free to not use them if she wishes. I don’t like doing hand applique usually, but these were small enough to be enjoyable. I think if I had done smaller, closer-together stitching, the edges would have been smoother, but then stones are usually rough around the edges(my logic!)….. I  also frayed the edges of the background fabric like she does and I think it adds to the hand-made look.

I also managed to make my mom a case for her new i-phone, using the same pattern that I made some kindle cases with, except I added a wristlet strap that she requested. This pattern is turning out to be very versatile.  She is heading off on a cruise from Amsterdam next week and wanted to take her phone with her, so she needed a pretty case for it:

That is the extent of my quilting etc for the week/month. However I did enroll in Melanie Testa’s online Stencil Magic class on Thursday ( It is a class to work at one’s-own pace so hopefully I will be able to get in a few hours here and there over the next months.

And of course, another Stewie picture or 2:

The first one is of Stewie trying to retrieve his squeaky toy from underneath the fireplace hearth, and the second one is of him squished behind a chair with his head poking out from under a basket handle. I can’t believe how fast he is growing(we have had him for 4 weeks and he must have almost doubled in size!!). He really is a sweet dog who learns fast and thank goodness finally realized that playing with his toys is fun. So now I have something to do to keep him amused and away from other chewables in the house- he has tried to chew the stucco, the carpet, curtains, his mat, numerous pairs of shoes, the TV remote, the metal fireplace grating, cast iron fireplace tools, wood logs and anything else within reach etc etc etc.

All the neighbours think he is beautiful and are glad that George and I have a new dog. Luckily he is very different from Casper, but at the same time similar enough so that thoughts of Casper remain fresh.

Please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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