Grackle Camera Case

Again, a major struggle with sewing to make my grackle case. I had to use my old Bernina but realized I had never done free motion quilting with it before, and I don’t really have the right pressure foot.  I managed that….but I had an issue with the FMQ since I couldn’t see what I was doing on the dark purple fabric so I tried FMQ from the wrong side- not a good idea since the quilt batting bearded through to the front(sigh). I also had a few issues with the stitching so the seam lines aren’t perfect and of course I ran out of bobbin thread with just inches to go at the last step so the topstitching looks messy(sigh, again). I don’t know why I thought that blue thread would blend in with the silk…..I might pull it all out and do it again. But at least the camera fits the case so that is good!

The bright fabric inside was some silk I had bought, hoping to use it to dye some easter eggs, but that didn’t work either. I think the silk was printed not dyed, so the transfer to eggs couldn’t work properly(so I still need to get some old silk ties to try this).

Well, one step at a time….Just need to trim some little overhanging threads from the printed grackle that hang over the flap, and then it is good-to-go(unless I redo the topstitching that is). Phew! Tell me again why I like sewing!!!!!


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