2 sewing machines, 1 seam ripper and countless little fixes for Kindle cover #3 plus a new class

Finally, the Kindle 2 cover that I am making for a friend is done. It should have been easy, but no…….too much padding such that my sewing machines couldn’t sew through it(therefore rip it apart, remove padding, resew), one dead(?)Pfaff machine as a result, one struggling rock-solid Bernina, no-name hook and loop tape that was fragile(I am sticking to real Velcro now) and many more uses for the seam ripper. But no big deal- the Pfaff was due for servicing anyways and nothing destroys a Bernina!

But I think it looks okay finally. I used the same pattern as for my 2 previous kindle covers…… I have permanently added some notes re padding so I won’t forget. The cover is organza painted with homemade freezer paper stencils and commercial stencils-  but with a less distinct view through to the batils underneath than my previous Kindle cover.  I did some quilting to highlight the flower stencils so it looks nicely multi-layered.

The second kindle cover I had made(see earlier post: http://wp.me/pXgo5-aj) was supposed to have been for a Kindle 2 but I got wrong size measurements from a website and therefore it didn’t fit. This time I got official measurements and made a mock-up of the Kindle 2….very high tech(a couple of pieces of cardboard taped together).  So I have attached photos of the cover with detail of the quilting and stenciling, as well as a photo of the mock-up kindle in its new home.

No more sewing for awhile…..I have signed up for a short on-line course with Sandra Duran Wilson about image transfers and printing. I had taken a class with her in Phoenix last August and she was fabulous. Good timing- I just discovered the course today over at www.joggles.com and it starts tomorrow- and I have all the supplies I think except for deli wrap and not sure where in Winnipeg I can get some!

I will get back to sewing soon since I have lots of little projects that need to be made, such as wallets, tote-bags and an Ipad cover. I hope that the people waiting for these are patient…….BUT we may also be getting a new dog so how long things might take is a big question.


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