My Multipurpose Grackle

I know that many people consider grackles to be messy noisy and annoying birds, but I love grackles, or at least 1 grackle in particular. I have blogged briefly about this grackle before- I spotted her in Phoenix when she was strutting around the pool and outdoor dining area at my hotel. I call it ” Grackle with Attitude” because she really had quite the personality…

I found the grackles to be really interesting.  But I also felt sorry for them since it was about 115 degrees in Phoenix  when I was there and the grackles were having a hard time staying cool and it looked like they were suffering from the heat quite badly. Unlike us, they couldn’t escape into the air conditioning, but I think they did take advantage of the cooling showers around the outdoor pub area.

This is the original photo(cropped):

As you can see it is not a good photo- it is very blurred.  By playing in Photoshop Elements and adding a beautiful texture from Skeletal Mess called PaintedSonata, I managed to create what I think is an interesting pic. This is the base from which I made several versions with varying saturation intensities and colour variations:

I have used it as my avatar, printed it on fabric( made a kindle case out of it) and now I have made a stamp out of it to use on fabric or paper. Since my previous posting showed an out-of-focus image of the fabric grackle I have included an updated image here. The image used for fabric was a highly saturated colour variation version:

The stamp I made from an E-Z cut printing block:  I simply drew in pencil on the rubber material(image reversed) and then printed it onto paper. This was the first test print of the stamp and I was quite happy with it. I printed it onto a saran wrap textured watercolour wash that had been treated with absorbent ground which I made for Jane LaFazio’s third lesson in her Joggles’s class.The stamp will need a bit of work to get rid of extraneous lines, but I do want to keep some of them since they add interest and make it look like a handmade original stamp. This stamp and journal page was for Jane’s 4th lesson.

I have learnt so much from the online classes I have been taking!

Now- what else can I do with my grackle? Hmmm- maybe I can print it on a photocopier to give a solid black image and make a PhotoEZ silkscreen!

2 thoughts on “My Multipurpose Grackle

    • Thanks Jennifer. I am learning alot with these classes and am hoping the knowledge and creativity will spill over to my fabric projects.


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