watercolour journal page

Well, luckily for me there was a Jet’s game on TV last night so my hubby was kept sort-of occupied. So I got to play!

I had bought some tulips last weekend and used one of the blooms as a model for a watercolour/sketch for a journal page. This was for the fourth class in Jane’s class that I talked about in my previous post. I chose a journal page that had been collaged and treated with absorbent grounds and drew a single tulip bloom and added a bit of text and some little red dots just for fun. I might add a few other elements, but I don’t want to chance completely ruining the page. This was my first ever watercolour of a flower and my first journal page….at least it looks like a tulip(with some dork factor still)! I need to be a bit more bold with the text so that it shows up against the collage.

This is what it looks like now:

I also took lots of photos to work from later. I had previously bought an “HDR” program(Photomatrix Essentials 3) so I converted some of my RAW format photos to HDR images- this one show lots of texture and highlights in the blooms so it should be fun to try to draw from the photo:Tonight my goal is to do a journal page with my grackle from Phoenix, doing a sketch and watercolour and also a rubber stamp! Should be fun……this of course to be done after watching Big Bang Theory!


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