Freezer Paper-Stenciled-Organza Kindle Cover

I made another kindle cover- possibly to be used as a trade for some photocards this weekend!

This time I used techniques I learnt at workshops I have taken with quilt artists Melanie Testa and Jane LaFazio.

I made a freezer-paper stencil of a vine with leaves and then used acrylic paints to lightly paint over the stencil onto some organza. Next step was to layer the organza over a pieced background- strips of blue/green/purple batiks. I free motion-quilted around the vine and leaves to emphasize them, and then did some echo quilting and  some more free-motion quilting(including spirals). At this stage I thought it still needed something so I then tried a heavier-weight thread and did some machine embroidery to further highlight the vine and leaves.

The kindle cover was then assembled as described in an earlier post-

The following photos show the steps:

Now I just have to figure out how to apply velcro without having the stitches show on the front cover(I tried the new fusible velcro but I couldn’t get it to fuse properly) or maybe try an alternative closure…..but velcro is really secure and less fussy than ribbons or buttons.


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