Finally beginning to feel like Christmas and an Old Dutch Popcorn Twist Zippered Bag

Yes I know it seems like 2 completely different topics…but…..

It is Friday 10:00 December 23rd 2011. Finally beginning to feel like Christmas. Have been off work from about noon, exchanged a few presents with friends, planned the salad to make for Christmas dinner at my sister-in-law’s house and most importantly decorated the kitchen table. My friend Kathy from work gave me this plaid tablecloth last year and it just makes everything look so Christmas-sy.

Hopefully I can relax and enjoy these 4 days off.

But I will be distracted because I discovered a really neat technique/project on a blog, a zippered bag made from an M & M wrapper using iron-on-vinyl. This picture is from the Punkin Patterns Blog:

And this is the link to her tutorial which also shows a Skittles pouch which I love!

Of course I don’t have the iron-on-vinyl, but I figured I could misty-fuse some vinyl onto a wrapper and it works. And of course, since I love popcorn twists, I am using an Old Dutch Popcorn Twist bag….should be really cool. I will post pictures as it progresses! Hopefully it will sew together nicely, or there will be a mad dash around the city to look for the iron-on-vinyl which in all likelihood is not available in Winnipeg(sigh).

PS  Saturday morning: Oops- major senior’s moment- I HAVE iron-on-vinyl. Sigh.

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