Shibori with Indigo Dye

Had a great time at the Buffalo Point cabin with my mom and sister and niece. I had taken a pre-reduced indigo dye kit that I thought would be great fun to play with(and less risk of  a major disaster spill than at home!). My mother and I did some shibori stitching and indigo dyeing and got some beautiful pieces.

The 3 pieces that I completed are shown below. They include: makiage(spider web circles), and karamatsu(concentric circles) and were done with either hand stitches or elastic bands. The picture below shows all 3, to give an idea of the difference in the scale of the patterns.

The 3 pictured above can be seen in more detail below:

I love that the thread resist is clearly visble in the large makiage- such great contrast. If this is done right and the dye penetrates deeply and evenly through all the layers, the dyed fabric should be a dark blue. However  I was using quite a thick cotton and with the many folds it was difficult to get even dyeing(especially for the smaller circle pieces). But I kinda like the different shades of blue…

After I got home from the cottage I made up a second batch of indigo(too risky to drive 3 hours home with the first batch) and so far have made 1 more piece using  a version of mokume(running stitches) along a fold- not sure what the correct name is for this type of stitch. To me it looks like a zipper, or scales on a dragon or spines or maybe even teeth!!:Detail is shown here:This piece took over 2 hours to do the stitching and now I have to find the time to do more stitching before the indigo dye goes off. According to the manufacturer it should be stable for a few days but according to Pro Chemical and Dye, the pre-reduced indigo can be maintained for a few months with proper care. We shall see.

And then, I need to use the pieces- not sure how yet, but I think I will take some of them to Phoenix to use in the workshops I am taking at Art Unraveled. This shibori/indigo is really addicting.

2 thoughts on “Shibori with Indigo Dye

  1. I love what you’ve done with your shibori. I really like that last one with the running stitches. By far the easiest one to do is the pole scrunching. Just make a tube of fabric big enough to go around your tube (15″ fits over a 4″ diameter pipe perfectly) and scrunch down as tight as you can. After taking out all the fabric I put in last night, it bothered me to just throw the dye away. Knowing that MX reactive dyes loose their strength very rapidly, I took a chance and quickly ran up two more pole scrunches. I know it will be paler, but I hope it doesn’t all wash away.
    I’d like to try the real indigo if it last that long. I could have a whole week of dyeing, using the same bath.
    You’re right! It is addicting. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


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