The Wave Tour

My mother, my mother’s friend Lucille and I did the Wave tour last Saturday, visiting about 6 different artist’s studios and galleries. It was a perfect day for travelling through Winnipeg Beach, Gimli and up to the Fat Cat Bistro- a great restaurant in the middle of nowhere about 10 minutes north of Gimli! My husband and I are going to do the drive to the bistro sometime this summer for lunch. Maybe we can also do the September Wave tour and hit a jewelry studio that was difficult to access because of flooded-out roads…(the shop itself was safe)

As usual, the highlight of the studio tour was Heidi Hunter( see her website at I bought a shibori dyed shirt, some shibori dyed fat quarters and some deconstructed screen printed fabric. The screen printed fabric is fabulous:

I will have to think carefully before I cut into it….but I am thinking messenger bag…..Definitely have to learn this technique developed by Kerr Grabowski I think.


3 thoughts on “The Wave Tour

  1. Beautiful fabric! Do you have Kerr’s dvd? It pretty much explains all you need to know, and you could be creating this same fabric all my your own self!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I hope you will win the plate! It is so very easy to use!



  2. Marsha,

    Thank you for stopping by and for the comment on Black eyed Susan. I’m not sure what technique Julie and Chris use, they mentioned that there will be no special software used in their class. My image is completely digital, made in Photoshop. I took two photomontage online classes with Carol Leigh (she is the best!). All I can tell thet every image is a blend of several layers in Photoshop.


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