Shibori Fun update

I took Glennis’s advice and redyed my scarf to try to add colour to the white areas so I thought I would post the new improved version. I tied the scarf up completely again, but this time I let the pleats billow abit between the ties so that more dye could penetrate. I used a darker version of the turquoise and love it. The photos don’t really show the difference, but it is a bit less froofy! Overall the pattern of resists is a little bit confusing, but I do like it. The green kumo still show since I buried them deep within the pleats so they wouldn’t be overdyed.

One thought on “Shibori Fun update

  1. I re-dyed this again since Glennis suggested that a rose over-dye instead of a darker turquoise might have been better! I used light rose colour, so now it is pink and blue- I was hoping that the pink and blue would mix to form purple but this didn’t happen. Oh well.


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