shibori fun

I am taking an online shibori class with Glennis Dolce(Shibori Girl Studios) and spent a good chunk of today doing shibori(much to the dismay of husband who would prefer I had done something useful like washing the floors instead)! Hah!

It was great fun. I had a few books on shibori and liked what they called Yanagi shibori(“willow”), but since I didn’t have all the right tools, I improvised at various places. I had a free silk scarf from Dharma Trading, so I had nothing to lose. I have to admit that the final result doesn’t really look like Yanagi shibori so I renamed it Old Dutch shibori, in honor of the modern day shibori aid(potato chip bag closure) I used in the  initial pleating and tying stage.

The following pictures show the process from start to finish.

The first step was tying the kumo(spider web), 3 at each end of the scarf(the purple is wash-out marker used to mark the spots)

The next pictures shows the loose pleating and tying using the potato-chip bag closure as a modern-day shibori aid:

This photo shows the all-tied up scarf sitting in the dye pot(ie Rubbermaid container):

After the dyeing was complete, I added a drop of yellow dye to each of  the 6  kumo to give them some highlights:

Finally the reveal.

This shows the scarf ends:

This shows the scarf hanging from a prop in my study(isn’t the little mushroom on the wall lovely- it is an ATC  from Judy Coates Perez):

And finally some detail of the shibori, showing the resist pattern in the dye, and a peak at the yellow-highlighted(now green) kumo:

For the next one I will make the resist a bit looser, so more of the scarf would dye, but overall I am quite pleased.


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