2 classes at the same time-Mixed Media and Shibori!

I signed up for 2 on-line classes that are running at the same time! One is Jane LaFazio’s Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth, and the other is shiborigirl’s Shibori Workshop with ColorHue Dyes- but I noticed from the class lists that I am not the only one taking both of them…

I finished a few backgrounds on canvas for Jane’s class and worked on a few ATCs using leftover canvases and lettering, and a small mixed media piece which I am not too crazy about, especially the purple background, but I learnt alot of new techniques. For instance, if you tape 1-ply kleenex to a piece of standard paper you can run it through an inkjet printer and then using matte medium attach it to the collage, and all that shows is the words[note: I did the injet printer bit on my own, so don’t blame Jane for this craziness]. The”birdsong is sublime” is from Immanuel Kant, an 18th century philosopher. The bird itself is a collage of origami papers. In the 4th class I think, we add stitching which will change the look of the piece alot, hopefully for the better- it can tone down the purple anyways.

So far in the shibori workshop all I have done is dyed some different types of silk and a bit of linen. Tonight I hope to do some itajime(fold and clamp). The silk habotai dyes beautifully transparent and these dyes are so easy to work with. This class should be a ton of fun.

update: i decided I didn’t like this little bird so i cut it up into smaller pieces to use for ATCs.

3 thoughts on “2 classes at the same time-Mixed Media and Shibori!

  1. I am in your Joggles class on mixed medium collage.
    What a challenge!
    I see you are doing shibori too! Busy time!
    I bought some indigo from Shibori Girl and used it in a wonderful ( to me!) small art quilt.
    Good luck with all that dying! and collaging!!!


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