Yet another “Pretty Purse”

I just finished another pretty purse(original pattern and technique by Melanie Testa (, this time created from drawings I made in Carla Sonheim’s Silly 3 class ( the purple bird and the cat are based on Carla’s drawings. I drew them on tearaway paper first, traced over the drawing with my sewing machine, painted in some of the drawings with fabric markers, and then stipple quilted around them all to make them poofy. This was done on a white background, but I thought it was too stark:

So, following Melanie’s technique, I decided to add a painted organza layer, with freezer paper stencils to block the paint to keep the 3 white images white:

I also thought that this would mute down the garish colours from the fabric markers, and this is what the fabric looked like with the purple painted layer:

Then I had to re-quilt around all the images again to keep the organza in place.

After cutting out a modified version from the original pattern shape, I inserted a zipper, sewed up the side seams, made the box bottom to add depth and voila, another Pretty Purse. I think I have to re-adjust the zipper insertion to smooth out the top edge (it is not so obvious in the actual purse!), but overall I quite like it:

Once I fix the zipper and tack it down I can start using it!


Please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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