Photo Lab 42 Light Painting

I am playing with Prairie Jill and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

This week’s lab was to paint with light. Start in a dark room and use a flashlight to “paint”. Set the DSLR to manual aperture and shutter speed as well as manual focus.  On a tripod.

I used slightly dusty silk tulips for my model and landed up with the following photo:

tulip for blog_increased brightness speck removed

This was fun!

NF DAM Black and White plus: Sky

A very dreary morning in the “Peg” this morning…I was expecting sunny blue skies like we have had for awhile now.

But then I realized it would make for a great black and white photo. I added some filters and a grunge overlay with Pixrl to produce this:

b and w

Then I thought…I can make this more abstract!!.

So I played in Topaz Impression with a Da Vinci sketch:b and w more

And then added an Impasto filter on top:

b and w more more

But not black and white anymore!!

I only have this Topaz program on a 30 day trial…it does have some interesting filter and effects.

Linking to NF DAM here.


ZIZO #43 Squirrel!!

I have to thank Stewie for this since he spotted and chased this squirrel to branches where I could capture it for a ZIZO!

A 3 step ZIZO…and very similar to Jill’s ZIZO with her bird last week. The zoomed out squirrel is the little brown ball hiding just to the left of center…and then it moved to the v-branches up higher for the zoom in shots:

squirrel zoom collageAlmost in focus for the full zoom-in!!

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO meme here