Pamela Allen Class #2 In Style


Wow- I am in awe of Pamela Allen….
I was struggling with my piece for the second lesson. This lesson was all about designing our own gallery of flowers and trees and then incorporating them into a garden scene design.
My first attempt was rather “flat”,  so I went back in and added layers and more flowers. But now the second attempt looked way too busy but disjointed at the same time. And it looked more like a landscape than a garden. So Pamela suggested a fix.

This top version is mine:

garden scene second attempt for blog


Way too busy,eh??  And, as an aside, the tree on the right was inspired by a Georgia O’Keefe tree.

Pamela’s improved version via Photoshop is here(fabrics will need to be filled in where she had to modify the height):

pamelas improved version for blogWhat a difference… a 1000% improvement!!  My little fish is gone…but then the dark fabric is no longer a pond!! I will continue to work on this once I finish the class. A new lesson starts today.

Check out Pamela’s website here:

Linking to Off the Wall Friday. Check the widget in the sidebar for more details and this week’s postings from lots of textile artists.


Liberate Your Art Blog Hop


I participated in the Liberate Your Art postcard exchange for 2014(see widget in sidebar for more info) that Kat Sloma organized.  This year the stats were:

1254 pieces of art liberated
209 participating artists
10 countries represented


This is the card that I sent in for the exchange(6 copies) and I am going to check the blog hop(link at bottom of post) to see where my cards landed up:

for email

Here is my collection of cards that I received, being “liberated” on my back deck trellis!!

liberate your art cards


Detail shots below:

1. Andy:












2. Linda see:










3. Kat:










4. Cindy Griffith see:










5. Suzanne: april 19th update: check out her blog hop post here:










6. Beth Malchus Stafa:












They make a nice collection I think!! And it was fun waiting by the mailbox for the cards to come in!
To see the rest of the blogs on the blog hop click the following link:

Photo Lab #15 Roaming Pony


I am playing with Prairie Jill( Miriam( We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

Or, in my case, roaming cow(Citizen Kow). This lab was all about white balance…setting the light type on your camera to match the light source, or how I did it, by exposing my roaming cow to different light sources and using all white balance settings.

I will only post a few of my collages…since overall, the AUTO white balance usually worked pretty good!

I put my cow in direct sunlight outdoors, an OTT lite indoors(supposed to be like real sunlight), in the fridge for incandescent, under a fluorescent light, etc. In the collages, the biggest photo is the one I think worked best.

1. Daylight:

cow outside collage copy for blog


2. in the fridge(beside the milk of course!):

cow in fridge collage for blog3. Ott lite(real sunlight duplication):

ott lite collage for blog

I think you get the picture!!

Fun to play with, but since I usually take both JPEG and RAW images, white balance can be corrected easily with the RAW image, so not sure how much playing I will do with white balance. My Nikon camera has pages and pages of instructions and detailed set-ups for white balance….but most of it is way beyond what I want to learn(at least for now).