Photo Lab # 16 Update

I am playing with Prairie Jill  and Miriam. We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab. But we are skipping a few that don’t fit into our life situations!!

Therefore in lieu of photo lab #30 A Work Day, I decided to post a quick update on part of lab 16…Same but Different. I have been taking photographs in Bunn’s Creek Park when I go for a walk there with Stewie. The first photo was taken March 10, 2014 and I have taken 42 photos since then!

For this collage I chose photos approximately 2 weeks apart, so the changes from winter to spring to summer are spread out evenly. The first row is March, the 2nd row is April…etc.

collage of every 2 weeks for blog

These photos are biased by the weather and the time of day….no walks in really bad weather, or early morning or late in the day. I would guess that most of the photos are taken between 10:00 am to 3:30 pm…

This bias is why I also have been taking a photo everyday of my backyard….for this series I now have 127 photos! This series shows all the weather conditions and all times of day(except maybe midnight to 4:00 am). Once I get organized(and when we skip a lab again) I will post a collage of some of these too.

Next week we should be back on track for photo lab # 31.


Troubles with Textures

I am relatively new at this textures play, so I am having troubles with getting the textures to look right. I think I like a bit of drama…but tend to go overboard.

The original photo is the upper left one in the collage…a purple flower from my garden with a bokeh background. I used pumpkin grunge and autumn burst textures(I think!!) from Kim Klassen at assorted blend modes and opacities in PSE.

purple flower for collage 3 for blog_edited-1

I have to keep playing till I get effects I like. However, I do like the bright one in the bottom right but I believe that PSE auto-enhance did the trick with that one! I also like how the leaves almost glow in the upper right one..but overall it is too dark. And in the bottom left one I like the background texture..but overall it is too vague and indistinct.

Linking to Texture Tuesday.