ZIZO #30 Canada Geese gosling update

Finally posting photos(taken with Nikon D90 instead of my cell phone camera) of my Countryside Crossing geese. I posted some photos on July 9th (taken on June 20th) here.

These more recent photos were taken on July 10th…..

This is a zoom-out photo of them on dry land:185 zoom out

And this is a zoom-in collage of them on dry land, entering water and on water:

No more soft yellow feathers…..but I do like the photo of the goose butts all in a row…and the photo of the little gosling rushing to get into the water with all the rest. You can click on the collage to view in separate window and then click again to super-enlarge it.

I haven’t been able to see the geese recently…maybe there is too much construction activity and they have moved to a more peaceful spot.

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And just for fun…I played with the geese butts’ photo in PSE and applied the dry brush filter to get this:

156 goose butt cropped close pse filtered more

ICAD # 43-49

Down the homestretch for ICADs….I ignored a lot of the prompts this week…but I am still using fabric/thread for something on each card…

Here are the 7 ICADs from last week:

icad 43-49 for blog2 ICADs were playing with pleating of fabric. The bright red/blue ICAD is a cut-out from a “quilt” in progress from a previous online class and the purple/yellow one is a simple collage for the prompt “purple”. The soft coloured pink/green/lace/text collage was all from fabric/paper picked up at ArtsJunktion.

The crazy lady with a tree for an arm and a flowerpot hat was a collage made using the techniques taught by Lynn Whipple in a class that Carla Sonheim offered these past 2 weeks. I will post more about this class soon since this was really really great class.

The pink and orange in the bottom left was for the prompt “knot”…it started off as a stamp made from knots and threads from my shibori work…I used the stamp with modeling paste, then layered transparent paints and finished off with some stitching.

There was also a challenge ICAD this week…started by a few of the participants. The challenge was “purple sun”. So of course I had to do this too!! I used 2 previously painted and rejected gelli prints and added some stitching. This one took me less than 5 minutes, and it is one of my favorites so far!! I am glad I have kept all my reject gelli-prints since they are very useful when small amounts of colour are needed…

For more info on Daisy Yellow’s ICAD 2014, please check here.