Photo Lab #16 Same but Different


I am playing with Prairie Jill( Miriam( We are working our way through Steve Sonheim’s photography book(Creative-Photography-Lab-Self-Expression-Mixed-Media), lab by lab.

I am having fun with this lab. I am doing 2 series both of which I started about a month ago. The first series is at Bunn’s Creek Park, whenever I take Stewie there for a walk. The second series is the view from my back deck. I figured that I am more likely to get a wider variety of times and conditions for my backyard than I would for Bunn’s Creek, but I think the view at the park is more interesting.

These are the first 15 from Bunn’s Creek Park, as a collage:

first 15 as collage april 18 2014 museum matte

And just for fun, I made these into a flip slide show on Follow this link to see the show:


And here are selected views from my backyard where you can follow the very gradual spring thaw including set-backs like more snow:

for blog small2


You can see there is much more variety in time of day…and Stewie is in alot of them too!!!

So of course, I go to excess and make this set into a flip slide show too! Follow this link to see the slide show:


ZIZO #17 Spring at last- Robins!!!


Finally: real signs of a spring that is here to stay…..the snow is melting and the birds are back! And singing away!! Unfortunately most of the robins are just passing through as part of their migration, but some will stay.

So a 3-stage ZIZO was calling to me:

collage for blogThe colours are very intense since I modified all 3 images with grunge style HDR before assembling the collage. I also learnt a trick since last week. I had mentioned that I didn’t like the Picasa border colours, and a comment on last week’s ZIZO suggested trying instead. I tried it but wasn’t too fond of the site…Picasa has alot more options available. But I did find that I could modify the Picasa border colour in PSE with the paint bucket so problem solved!!

To see what everyone else is up to, check the ZIZO widget in the sidebar.


Grackle Monoprinting


A few results from the online gelatin monoprinting class I am taking with Linda Germain (
These are some quick prints I made tonight, hopefully good enough to use for the postcard swap with the deadline fast approaching! I especially like the last one.

3 gracklesA little bit of either black pen or stitching might improve the grackle outlines for the top 2…..